Battery Module

The battery technology is not only the key point but also the bottle neck of the new energy vehicle industrialization. KAM has obtained breakthroughs in the battery development. The battery performances have exceeded other type of Lithium power battery, and have broken the capacity limitation of traditional cylindrical battery. Cylindrical lithium power battery manufactured by KAM is featured with high safety, large capacity, high energy ratio, significant low temperature performance and small internal resistance。

Cylindrical high-energy lithium iron phosphate power battery
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the pole ear extraction structure ensures the current thermal balance per plate unit area. The structure not only solves the heat dissipation, but also improves the safety standard. The sealing fireproof, waterproof and dustproof aluminum alloy battery cabinet and the active balanced battery management system shall prevent the packets from security risks such as inflammable, explosion, leakage and deformation when being charged or operated. Users shall be confident about the quality.。

Active balanced battery management system

The technology of battery management system which is the key component of the lithium battery power system is more complicated than it of the motor controller. KAM has succeeded in developing the active balanced battery management system that has achieved active balanced current function with 5A current. This system has occupied the domestic leading level. The main Technical advantages are as follows。

Aluminum alloy sealed battery cabinet

Modular structure of battery adopts silica gel heat conduction so as to be easy for cooling

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新葡京 在xpj7200
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